The Savage Tide

Defeat of the Yaun-ti Binders

Assault on Daggermaw

Game Date: 25th September, 2009

The adventurers put their plan into play, and use the gunpowder to collapse the tunnels to the Yaunti Nests. THey then proceed to the main temple where they encounter skilled yaunti guards perched out of reach atop pillars, firing down upon the party. Cleverly, the Strongest of the adventurers begin toppling the pillars, turning the battle in their favor. The Yaunti are quickly defeated.

The battle is not yet won however, as to the south, a massive dais shielded by walls of flame dominates the cavern, The party is assailed by magic, however due to clever preparation, is protected against the most deadly of magics the enemy has at their disposal, elemental fire. The Party is victorious, and claims the Staff of mists, which will greatly aid in their escape.

Total XP for Session: 3234xp



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