The Savage Tide

Escape from Fogmire

The Party confronts Orlangru, and escapes Fogmire.

Game Date: 7th May, 2010

After defeating IIlzytik the Spirit Naga, Her Lair was thoroughly searched by the group. As well as other useful items, a Iron ape paw and a Lesser Silent metamagic rod were found. After a quick discussion, the Heroes decided to explore the room to the North, in which they had previously caught glimpses of Fiendish Baboons from the Pit below.

Upon entering the room, Ckal’ek is charged by a howling mob of Fiendish Baboons! The creatures swarm over the party, biting and clawing and severely wounding several of the heroes. falling back through the doorway, several powerful blows and well placed spells are enough to fell most of the beasts.

Searching the room, a secret passage is discovered behind a stone throne. Opening this sets off a powerful lightning trap, wounding the Knight Sparhawk. Within a hidden chamber beyond the door are two chests, again both of these are trapped as Thak’gak and his companions (to their dismay) discover. Several powerful spells are set off as Thak-Gak touches everything to see if it is trapped… wounding several party members in the process. Thak-gak’s companions decide it would be wise to leave the room at this point. The chests are also locked, and will not open. Uriel however, determines their clever arcane lock, and using his arcane talents, overcomes the chests defences. Within, amongst numerous other treasures, is a second Iron ape paw.

Leaving the Throneroom behind them, the party moves back through the Spirit Nagas lair, and through the door to the East. Within, they discover two Iron ape statues, each missing a hand. The Heroes quickly determine this is a form of lock, and place the two iron paws they have found on the statues. With that done, the Large iron doors to the East of this small chamber swing open, revealing a long corridor flanked either side by more statues.

As the party enters the corridor, a magical trap is triggered, and a cacophany of howls echoes through the shrine, warning of intruders. Not swayed in their determination, the group presses on down the corridor, until it ends with a door facing North. Throwing open the doors, a massive chamber is revealed, with a roaring firepit in the center, over which hang the chained forms of Amelia and Urol. Statues of demonic apes watch over the room, however one in particular takes the parties eye, a massive statue on a dais on the far side of the room, depicting the Price of Demons, Demogorgon. Within moments of entering the room, the terified Amelia and Urol begin decending to the roaring flames below. Thak-gak leaps to their rescue, and is attacked by Orlangru, and his remaining Harem!

The party closes and a fierce battle ensues. Thak-gak pulls Amelia and Urol to safety, after enlarging to confront these powerful enemies. Well placed spells and blows make short work of the Bar-Lguras, and the Heroes stand victorious. However, before they can celebrate their victory, the statue of Demogorgon howls and comes to hideous life! It is in fact a Lemorian Golem, Forged in the pits of Demogorgons lair in the Abyss, and sent to the material plane as a focus of unholy rites in shrines to the prince of demons.

After a short fight with the construct, and determining just how powerful a foe they faced, the Heroes briefly contemplated flight rather than facing such a challenge. However Uriel discovered that the Golem itself was what was emanating the foul energies keeping them trapped here in Fogmire, so if they were to ever escape, this foe had to be destroyed. Closing with their enemy, A fierce battle was fought, and the party was victorious.

With the destruction of the Golem, the oppressive aura of the shrine, and Fogmire itself, was lifted, and by the time the Heroes emerged from the shrine, the Fog had cleared. Amelia was unharmed and extremely grateful at having been rescued. The experience had left its mark on Urol however, the Gnomes Ever-wagging Tongue had irritated Orlangru to the point where he tore it out and devoured it.

Now freed from the clutches of Fogmire, Lithira the Aranea thanks them and departs. Faced with a decision of forging on through the unknown to Farshore, or returning to reclaim the Sea Wyvern, the Heroes opt for returning to the ship, following the path they have just traversed. On their arrival many days later however, the ship is not where they left it, run aground and moored on the sandy shores of a beach. It is listing sickly to one side, hull torn open, 200feet offshore on rocky reefs; It appears that the tides swept her out onto the reef while the Party was away.

Total XP for Session: 2400 xp



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