The Savage Tide


The Party Ventures deeper into the Mists, where greater danger awaits.

Game Date: 9th April, 2010

Emerging from the Dark Mountain Pass, The Adventures are met with fresh sea air, however the taint and oppression of the mists still remain. ahead, down a flight of seaweed choked stairs, is a great sea road, cut from the cliffs, and heading south. The party begins to make their way forwards, when Uriel feels the touch of magic in the air, and Brother Thomas appears before them, a teleport spell returning him to the party from wherever he was. In their excitment at seeing him returned, they neglected to ask where he had been, and if their other companions were also alive and well…

Making their way south along the ocean road, towards dusk the party comes across a deserted Olman village. Looking like it had been abandoned for possibly years, the adventures choose to make camp within one of the crude huts. That night, on the third watch, the camp is suddenly thrust into magical darkness! Sparhawk calls out an alert, and everyone rouses to face the unseen enemy. Searching the perimeter warily for any sign of attack, the remaining Crew of the Sea Wyvern wait, and no attack comes. after 20 minutes, the magical effect disipates. With no evidence as to what has occured, the party uneasily beds down for the remainder of the night.

As the grey dawn breaks, shapes emerge at the edge of the camp, just indistinguishable through the fog. Upon the adventurers approach, they are corpses, weeks old, strung out on wooden frames of the same make as the speaking corpse first encountered when the group found themselves in the mists. These are silent however. These constructions were not here when the adventurers bedded down for the evening, someone, or something put them here through the night somehow, perhaps as a warning, perhaps purely as cruel sport.

Around midmorning, and several hours of travel South along the Sea Road, Wings are heard approaching from the East, and the Party is attacked by a Flock of Gargoyles!

The Gargoyles swoop in, Lead by a Fearsome Barbarian Chieftan, Quotocta. Thak-gak quickly leaps up onto the cliff face, grabbing hold, and awaits a prime opportunity to strike. The remaining party members put their backs to the wall, realising that with the searoads current height from the rocky coastline below, a fall would most certainly prove fatal. Thomas however, cannot act quickly enough, and is surrounded by the beasts. Blows are exchanged, and Sparhawk issues a challenge to the brute. The Supernatural effect of the Knights Challenge is resisted, however the Gargoyle Barbarians attention is drawn to Sparhawk, and with a Grin the creature says “Quotocta Accepts…” and advances on Sparhawk.

Thak-gak, from his vantage point drops to the battle below, striking two of the creatures down with his powerful blows. More blows are exchanged, and finaly, Quotocta falls in battle. The group finds several useful items on the Barbarian chieftan, including a pearl of Revivify, a powerful one use item that when activated imediatly after the death of a companion, will trap their soul and return it to the body. A rare Magic Item, a Gargoyle Crown was taken by Sparhawk, granting him the ability to smite foes touching natural stone or earth, and damage resistance.

Moving further along the sea road, towards mid afternoon, the sea road comes to an abrupt halt. Erosion seems to play a part, however it appears that this was as far as the great construction ever got, the cliffs further south are sheer and impassable. Urol suggests a Pass, half an hours travel back that he noticed, as a way to get through the mountains and continue south. At this, Amelia begins to become agrevated and irate with the Gnome, expressing her distrust and dislike for the creature. The Party decides to trust Urol, and travels back and takes the mountain pass.

Going is slow through the pass, and it takes most of the afternoon to traverse. halfway through the mountains, Uriel spies movement out of the corner of his eye, high above on a cliff. moments later a small rockfall slides towards the party. The fall is easily avoided, however amoungst the rocks are several human skulls, freshly skinned, eyes carved out, with brains still within the skulls. Amelia begins to despair at this, that some unseen force taunts them, wishes them harm. However Sparhawk, using his abilities well, calms her, and wins her trust that they will make it through.

Travelling down from the mountains, the group enters a region of thicker fog, and the terain begins to take on that of swampland. Trees and Wildlife here have weeping sores, grotesque growths, and the air and water have a sickly taint. After several hours, it becomes apparent that the party is lost, having crossed their own path twice, and makes preparations to camp. A clearing is suggested by Amelia, however, the party decides to rest a bit further on, in a clearing strikingly simmilar to the first.

That evening, on the second watch, The adventurers are ambushed by a group of Bar-Lguras!

Sparhawk, (who is again on watch) calls out an alert to rouse the party. The Bar-Lguras Fight a skirmishing battle, charging their enemies and using their Pounce ability to full effect. Thak-gak and Akilu are both dealt fearsome blows, however working together the party manage to slay one of the beasts. With that, another of the creatures grabs hold of Urol, and vanishes, abducting him! The battle rages on, and another manages to grab Amelia, and Teleports away, abducting her also. With Two of the group stolen away, the Leader turns to the party and speaks in deep growling common, a sound from the abyss itself, “Your companions shall make a fitting sacrifice to the Prince of Demons.” and with that, vanishes also.

Brother Thomas’ Knowledge proves valuable, as he links the reference to the Prince of Demons as Demogorgon. Uriel, using his arcane arts, senses that the magical forces that pervade this region have an abysal taint, and that they eminate in a flow from a location not to far to the South. Banding together, the Adventurers move to investigate. after a short time, they come across a large spire of black rock, and at the rocks base the image of two giganic fanged baboon heads carved into the rock leer out at the jungle. Their gaping Maws reveal two caves that lead into darkness. After a short deliberation, Lirith & the Aranea Lithira will remain outside. Uriel remains with them for the time being, however will join the party within if it is felt that Lirith and Lithira will be safe (or if he is needed by the party).

Moving through the left entrance, Sparhawk in lead, a rockfall trap is triggered, burrying Sparhawk! Akilu manages to grab hold of Sparhawk as he is burried, and begins to heave and pull him out. It takes almost a minute to pull Sparhawk free, however he has managed to hold his breath long enough for his companions to rescue him. Procceeding around to the Right entrance, the group explores the natural caverns, finding a skeleton chained to a wall, with Olman writing on the wall, of which Sparhawk can decifer some writings; “No Way Out… Pain…Suffering… Pray only death…. death before alter… Two Faced one…. No Way out..”. Further into the caves, Urol and Amelias Gear is located, Including Urols wand of Cure Light Wounds. Deeper still, the cave becomes worked stone, and a Brass door bars the way. After some deliberation over the best way to proceed, Sparhawk grasps the doorhandles and opens the door, recieving minor damage in the process.

Before the group is a small shrine, stained everywhere with blood. Two stone thrones, two Iron framed mirrors, and a Greasy green stone alter with two black tallow candles are the only contents of this room. After much deliberation, someone attempts to sit in one of the thrones, relasing a fireball trap. Shortly thereafter, the North Tallow candle is lit while Sparhawk is sitting in the North Throne. His manner becomes beastial, Savage, and he attacks the party! An image of sparhawk calls out from the mirror, asking for help. Akilu pins the Bestial Sparhawk against the wall, and Thomas, using a divine ability, grants Sparhawk a second will save to overcome the effects of the throne. A moment later, sparhawk returns to his prior self, having passed his save. The mirror then turns an inky, swirling black. After much further deliberation and experimentation (with many fireballs released harming the party), the process is repeated for the South throne, this time with the person seated protected by a protection from evil spell. The second mirror turns inky black for a moment, and then both clear, revealing a hazy image of a cavern bathed in red light. Each adventurer boldly touches the mirrors, and is transported into the room seen in the mirrors, somewhere deeper within the rock spire.

Within moments of those party members bearing glowing orbs entering the room, Three Bar-Lguras Attack! Striking with many powerful blows, Thak-gak is heavily wounded, however slays one of his opponents and another teleports away. Thomas, prepaired for this battle, uses his ability to Turn Evil creatures. Overcome with the divine power, one of the Bar-Lguras flees, Teleporting away. The Bar-Lgura that teleported away reapears, and attacks, however the party manages to fell this creature also.

Exploring the room, a natural stone bridge crosses the room, with two doors on the upper level. A rusted iron grate door is opened first downstairs, and within is found a mess of bones, rotting flesh, and other refuse. Above in this room, a grate in the ceiling reveals the room above, lit by firelight, several Fiendish baboons are spotted. After a brief discussion, the Party decides to explore the room upstairs to the South.

Opening the door, the Party is imediatly attacked by what appears to be a Bone Naga! Steeling himself and drawing deeply on the power of his faith, Thomas attempts a Greater Turning, and lashes out with close to as much divine power as he is capable of mustering. (rolled high. ;) ) To his shock, and dismay, the turning has no effect on the creature. The creature then lets loose with a volley of potent spells, and it becomes apparent that this is no Bone Naga, but a Spirit Naga using illusions to disguise itself, which each member of the party eventually sees through. The Naga casts swift mirror image from a wand, making melee combat more difficult for the party. It then casts several Fireballs, and Thomas is overcome in the magical fire, facing death itself. His potent divine abilities save him however, casting an imediate spell to heal himself, and ward off certain death. The Naga puts up an admirable fight, however it quickly succumbs to the overwealming numbers of the party, and is slain.

Total XP for Session: 2630 xp



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