The Savage Tide

Here there be Monsters

The Adventures arrive on the Isle of Dread.

Game Date: 26th March, 2010

With the Sargasso ‘Journey’s End’ behind them, the Party makes steady sailing for the Isle of dread to rejoin with Lavinia’s Ships, The Blue Nixie and the Blue Roc. Four Days pass, and as dark stormclouds gather on the dawn of the fifth day, Fillius spots land on the distant horizon. The Sea Wyvern makes for the Isle at full speed, however by Noon it is obvious to all that the Storm will catch them well before they reach the Isle.

Akilu Controls the the Ship as only a true proffesional Sailor can, with only one near roll of the ship. After several hours of riding the storm towards the Isle, there is a thunderous crash, and the tearing of timbers; The Sea Wyvern had run aground on Masher Reef.

Quick thinking and quick hands manage to salvage a third of the supplies in the hold of the ship, which would have otherwise surely been lost to the seawater. As the Adventurers take stock of their situation, A horror from the Deep Erupts from the sea and attacks Thak-Gak; an Aquatic Purple Worm. The Creature fights fiercly, attempting to swallow its intended meal, however is slain before it can do so by a spell from Fillius, after recieving numerous telling blows from the rest of the party.

With the Worm defeated, the adventurers put Urol the Druid to the task of fixing the holed vessel, through the use of his spell, Woodshape.

With the Sea Wyvern repaired, and the water bailed from the hold, all that remains is to push the ship from the reef. Thak-gak bravely volunteers, and with his supernatural ability to enlarge himself, jumps into the 5foot of water on the reef and begins to push the boat into clear water. However, the blood from the Slain Purple worm has attracted another of its kind, which quickly charges down Thak-gak. As the Purple worm lunges, Thak-gak heaves and the great ship is freed, just as the worm strikes him a terrible blow. Again Thak-gak uses his racial ability to enlarge to colossal size, thwarting the Worms attempts to swallow him, Leaving it hanging limply from his thigh. Thak-gak Beats the worm off and it falls flailing into the ocean. He then leaps to the now retreating ship, and the party escapes from Masher Reef.

The storm it seams, is however not so keen to let them escape its fury. The winds howl, and the waves crash agains the ship, driving her towards shore. With Akilu again showing near legendary Seamanship, he rides out the tempest, And stears the mighty ship towards land,—and grounds the ship on the beach of the Isle of dread.

Taking stock of their situation, it appears that there are three Party members unaccounted for; Putin, Brother Thomas, & Calek. With the storm still raging outside, and no sign of them on the ship, there seems little to be done but to hope for their safety.

The storm rages on through the night and begins to die out towards morning, and the remaining adventurers bed down for the night. Towards dawn, an oppressive fog surounds the ship, and Thak-gak feels a strong urge to sleep, however shakes it off. In a few moments however, all vision is obscured and some fel magics transport him and the crew away from the ship and deep into the Mist shrouded Jungle. The remaining travelers in the company of the Adventurers are scared, and look to the Party for protection. Amelia Venkali, the ships first mate, lingers close to Akilu, and keeps wide eyes on the fog shrouded jungle around them. Urol seems only slightly to have his spirits dampened, and seems excited about exploring the Isle. Lirith Veldirose, the Tomboy who the cunning putin determined was actualy a runaway Noble youth, Seems sullen and quiet, however her outward appearance shows very little fear of her current predicament.

Uriel uses his arcane talents and dispels Magic, clearing the area of fog. This reveals a corpse strung to a wooden construction. When the party approches, a magic mouth spell taunts them in broken common; “Welcome to my home travelers. You come along way only to stay here forever. at least you live. that is good for now. My home is your home. Now. Forever.”

After a short time, an old woman approches from the North, and the party readies themselves warily. As she aproches, it becomes apparent that her eyesight is poor and failing, however it is the black silk dress she wears, and the fine cobwebs in her hair that catch the party’s attention. The party befriends her, learning that she is Lithira, an outcast queen of an Aranea colony elsewhere on the Island. She agrees to help them, and provides the party with a premonition; “You should know that the path South is Dangerous. There are unnatural things that lurk in the dark places, now more than in the past. I know that Four Eyes have gazed upon you, and their servant seeks you out. You would do well to avoid him. If you plan to head south, take the Dark Mountain Pass that travels under the peaks, made long ago by the ancient ones. May you wander the Web to find your way home.” Lithira then agrees to acompany them in an attempt to escape the fog herself, saying that there is no way out, and she is lost. The party soon learns the truth of this, attempting to make their way towards where they believe their ship to be, and after several hours, returning to the same clearing.

Entrusting themselves to the fates, the party heads South in search of Dark Mountain Pass, and soon finds the mountain ranges. It is from there short work in finding the Pass entrance, and the Adventures delve into the darkness. The Passageway takes three hours to traverse, and once throughout this journey, One of the adventurers feels they are being watched. Peering behind, nothing reveals itself. Continuing, that feeling cannot be shaken.

Coming to what looks to be a reception hall, a large stone throne sits to the end of the room, where a human skeleton is impaled upon the throne by a longspear. Thak-gak spots something glinting within a fountain, and moves to inspect it. Sparhawk moves to the dais, and bravely places his hands upon the spear. When nothing strikes him down, he pulls free his prize, a +2 Keen Longspear. Thak-gak requests akilu retreave the item in the Fountain, and Akilu obliges, revealing a 6 pound red stone rod.

Decending the stairs to the East, the adventurers begin to cross twin bridges of stone spanning acros dark water far below. Danger looms however, and monstrous centipedes attack. They are however, no match for the seasoned adventurers, and are easily slain. Pushing onwards, the Party enters the Northern Stone door, to find a mausoleum. pressing deep inside here, Akilu is attacked by a Mohrg, and a trap is triggered, sealing the chamber and flooding it with water. dispatching the creature quickly, the party searches and finds a hidden chamber, and opens the door, also disabling the trap.

Entering the chamber, a tomb lies on a dais on the eastern side. Sparhawk approaches, and boldly heaves open the lid, triggering a spear trap. Dozens of Spears fly from the floor roof and walls, injuring the sturdy adventurers only slightly. Within the Tomb, the corpse of a Priest holds a 8 pound blue stone scepter.

Leaving the Mausolem, the Adventurers discover the Great water doors, Two Gigantic Iron doors decorated with symbols of water & sealife in Tarnished copper. Two colored pedestals stand to either side, and the adventurers determine the use of the colored rods; leavers. With screatching and grinding, the doors inch open, to reveal daylight and a broad set of seaweed choked stairs leading down to a small beach. The Fog which pervaded on the other side of the mountains seems even heavier here.

Leaving no stone unturned, the adventurers turn to the last remaining door, hesitant to leave a part of the complex unexplored. Within is a chamber with two chests and a stagnant pool, and as Akilu aproches the Chests, is attacked by a Black Pudding! Combat ensues, and the Party soon learns that blades used on the creatures cause it to divide, doubling their foes! Also, anything touching the creatures risks being destroyed by acid. After a short battle the creatures are defeated. The chests reveal a number of useful magical items, some Coin, and the pool to the SW reveals 2 additional magical items.

With that, the Adventurers leave the complex behind them, and stride out into the day and onto the sea stairs, and again into the mists.

Total XP for Session: 2270xp



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