The Savage Tide

Journey's End

This blighted mockery of land does not welcome outsiders....

Game Date: 12th March, 2010

After taking stock of their plight the Party makes several attempts to free the great ship from the unnatural weed. Sparhawk expends his Quals Feather Token to summon a strong wind, in an attempt to push the great ship free from the green mass. To his dismay, the weeds tighten their grip on the ship, as if they had a life of their own, and the ship makes no headway. Akilu attempts to commune with any aquatic life, and receives no reply, it appears that nothing lives here but the masses of green weed.

Sparhawk quickly decides to take point, and vaults over the side to the weed below. The going is slow, but he makes his way towards the closest wreckage, with the rest of the Party quickly following. The signs of a battle, and a last stand overrun are found on the ship, along with a Journal describing the last days of a monk shipwrecked 3 months previous on the Sargasso.

With this new information, the Adventurers make haste towards the east, seeking out a way to free their ship from the clutches of the weeds. Their pace quickens after something tries (and almost succeeded but for the strength of Sparhawk) to pull the Scout Kal’ek down into the weeds.

Arriving just on sunset, and the onset of thick fog, at a shipwreck that is somewhat defensible, the Party takes refuge within and moves debris in preparation to barricade the entrance. Fillius, Akilu and Thak-Gak remain outside, and keep watch. They do not have long to wait before wispered voices drift through the fog, saying only one word; “Outsiders”. Several humanoid forms shamble forward through the fog, and the enemy becomes seen; Horrible creatures, in mock shapes of man, made from the green weed, and wielding claws on the ends of their tentacle arms.

A Battle ensues, and when all but three of the creatures have been slain, the remainder look to the east, and as if mentally commanded, sink into the weeds, withdrawing, wispering as one as they do so, “feed for the brood….”

The night passes uneventfully, and in the morning the adventurers press on, making the edges of the forest of weed by midmorning as the fog clears. Fillius takes to the air, and attempts to ignite the tops of the trees with arcane fire. As if in response to their intentions, the party begins to feel a dull ache behind their eyes, and Thak-gak, with his psionic skills, can discern that something is mentally calling out, willing something to ‘come forth’. In the distance, behind the adventurers, the horizon moves as one, and thousands of Vine Horrors (the creatures fought the previous night) make a shambling march towards the party. Fillius spots from his vantage point a mighty ship on the other side of the forest, from which the weeds radiate out. He conveys this to the party.

Hastily pushing on through the Forest, the group comes across the wreck of a mighty warship, the Thunderer. Thak-gak senses this to be the source of the power, and they make their way onto the ship. Kal’ek keeps watch above, while the others enter the ship.

In quick time the captains cabin is found. A quick search of the room reveals a few useful items and some treasure, however the main items being searched for, logs and journals, are found destroyed by the damp and age, useless. Pressing deeper into the ship, a room overrun with assassin vines is stumbled into, and Putin and Thak-Gak receive some life threatening wounds. Many of the adventurers seem to be unsure of the enemy they face, however they are overcome in time, after a crafty adventurer discerned that they could not reach a prone individual in the room, as the vines hung 10ft down from a 15ft ceiling. Putin however, decided that time was of the essence, and charging through the room, opens the doors on the opposite wall…. to reveal a gaping hole in the deck to the level below. with little hesitation, he jumps down to meet his fate.

Below is the hold of the ship, the walls and roof collapsed somewhat with damp and age, constricting the space to 5 foot high. to the stern of the ship, a gaping maw with tentacles dominates the room, and the babbling cries of immature vines horrors fills the air. After defeating the remaining ASSASSIN VINES, the party joins Putin in the hold of the ship. Putin quickly searches the room for rum and blankets, or anything else that may be of use. Fillius advances on the maw, and lets loose a Fireball from his wand, destroying dozens of the immature vine horrors hanging from the walls of the shaft. A bold stroke, however one that incurs the wrath of the creatures’ mother, the Mother of All.

Using its ability to teleport via plants, the Mother of all appears behind Fillius, and lashes out, inflicting horrible wounds upon him. If it were not for a powerful item in his possession, a Failsafe ring of Blink, he would have surely perished, as the monsters first strike brought Fillius near to death, and its next strikes, which surely would have hit him, passed through the space he was before as he blinks. Taking wounds from several other adventurers after its strike on Fillius, the Mother of all choses to teleport via plants again, and regain its strength. Striking again shortly thereafter, Sparhawk this time is ready. He issues a Challenge to the creature to Fight, and the Mother is bound to do so.

The Party goes toe to toe with the Creature, inflicting blow after blow. Putin discovers a chest in the corner of the room, In which is a +1 Animated Tower shield, and a bone scrollcase with a scroll of Limited Wish. Fillius uses his Fireball wand to destroy the Tentacles around the maw, and begins to destroy the remaining brood within the shaft. Unfortunatly for Fillius, the Attacks by warriors other than Sparhawk have broken the hold of the challenge, and the Mother again Teleports via Plants, intent on destroying the one killing her children. She appears on the wall of the shaft below Fillius, and with two mighty blows, Tears his flesh and leaves him, dying, falling into the shaft below. Unknown to the creature, Fillius’ anatomy allows his wings to extend when unconscious, and although bleeding out, he does not fall to his certain death 100 feet below, but glides. With little strength remaining from the battle, the creature is quickly dispatched by the remaining warriors.

In the minutes that follow, the sargasso begins to break appart, and the Maw, from which Fillius has been rescued, fills quickly with seawater as the Great landmass of weed begins to unravel from its heart. Quickly searching the room reveals some treasure, however to the adventures dismay, no rum, blankets, or bar wenches.

Returning to the light of Day, Fillius, now healed, uses his magical Folding boat to sail the party to safety as the land falls from beneath them into the waves. The Adventures return to the Sea Wyvern, now free from the clutches of the Sargasso, and continue on their journey to the Isle of Dread.

Total XP for Session: 2570xp



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