The Savage Tide

Ruins of Tamoachan

The Ancient ruins are home to not only secrets....

Game Date: 12th February, 2010

The Adventurers follow the bublingly eager Urol into the longboats, and make for shore to explore the ancient Olman ruins of Tamoachan. After an hour of pushing through dense, hot, humid, insect infested jungles, the foliage parts to reveal the ruins.

Fillius’ keen eyes spot movement ahead at their destination, and the party moves up to investigate. A battle with a Basilisk ensues, where the unlucky Scout Kal’ek is petrified by the creatures magical gaze, along with the stone salve he has in his pack. Fortunately, no other party members suffer the same fate, and the creature is hastily dispatched. On its death, it lets out a cry of pain, and the adventurers strain to hear if there are any answering cries, yet there appears to be none.

Kal’ek is quickly returned to his former self, thanks to some stone salve held by other members of the party. Forming up into defensive ranks, Akilu and Putin lead the adventurers into the Northern tunnel of the ruins.

Moving deeper, the group discovers an ancient Ulman preparation chamber, for preparing the deceased for their journey to the afterlife. A Necromantic trap is disabled by the versatile Knight, Sparhawk, however everyone fails to find the cleverly hidden pressure plate that trigers a magical wall of flame. Kal’ek teleports through the wall with his dimensionstride boots, and the others take refuge in the alcove to the east. Sparhawk quickly dashes out to disarm the trap, and after several non-fatal attempts, succeeds.

Pressing deeper through the natural fissure to the east, another chamber is found, however the way is blocked by a wall of iron. Movement is heard for the other side, however Urol in his excitement insists that the party press forward, they must explore further. After some searching, Putin discovers an area of loose brickwork at the edge of the iron wall, and begins to make a passage through. When a space large enough to see through is formed, Kal’ek teleports into the room beyond to investigate.

A room similar to the first is here, however the center of the room is adorned this time with a sarcophagus rather than a preparation altar. Kal’ek has little time to look around however, as he is attacked from above by evil creatures from another plane. Quickly he teleports back to safety. The party wastes little time and demolishes more of the wall to allow everyone to enter and confronts their foes, a pair of ravenous Varrangoins.

After defeating the Varrangoins, and taking time to ponder the absurdity of stone walls depicting lifelike depictions, the sarcophagus in the center is opened to release a cloud of Mummy rot from a trap. Fortunately, everyone passes their saves. Further to the south, a deep burial well is discovered, and an ancient calandar wheel. Sparhawk feels that these two entities should meet, and to that end, assists. Clutched in the arms of a mummified priest is a magnificent golden bat statue, which Fillius takes via Gnome. It is found to be magical, some form of key, however not likely to something here, as it is determined that it is not from the Ulman civilization of Tamoachan….

Exiting the chambers back into the light of day, the party is attacked by another, and much more powerful, basilisk (Abysal Greater Basilisk). Kal’ek is swift enough to yell out a warning and retreat to the tunnel, however Sparhawk, in his surprise, fails to avert his eyes and is petrified by the creatures power. Learning from their previous experience, the party swiftly acts to cover the creatures eyes, and do so with a cloak covered in tanglefoot. This proves to be the partys saving grace, and the creature is eventually defeated. Sparhawk is reanimated with stonesalve.

Exploring the eastern tunnel reveals a chamber with a large statue and a well, in which a few items of value (but little import) are discovered. With the light of day waning, it is decided to return to the ships, Urol contented with his discoveries.

The three ships hug the coast for the next 20 days heading South-West towards the Isle of dread, then turn South out into the Vohoun Ocean. another 15 days into their journey, the last isle where resupplying is possible is reached, the isle of Renkru. Water barrels are refilled, and fresh fruits are gathered for the final month of the journey.

Ten days out into the deep blue, a violent storm hits the ships. It pummels the Sea wyvern for the entire night, and in the morning, the Blue Nixie and the Blue Roc are nowhere to be seen. Akilu communes with some dolphins, asking them to search for other ships. Thomas uses magic to telepathically commune with Lavinia the following day. The Dolphins report that there are indeed two ships to the south of the Sea Wyvern, but 3 days sail. Lavinia informs Thomas and the party via the spell that all the crew of both the Blue Nixie and the Blue Roc are safe and well, and it is good to hear from the party. They make arrangements to meet at the northernmost tip of the Isle of Dread in 20 days.

That night, an unnaturally thick fog falls, and lingers on into the morning. As the gray dawn breaks, burning fitfully through the morning fog to light the sea, something seems strange about the waters below. They seem almost solid, as if the sea had formed some strange sort of skin. The air seems dead as well, and the sails hang limp, heavy with moisture from the receding fog. Finally, the mist begins to clear, and what is unveiled is not the gently rolling vista of the sea but a wet green field of weed. The swath of dirty green stretches flatly in all directions. To the stern , it extends for perhaps a half mile, beyond which lie the open waters of the mocking sea. In all other directions, the weed extends to the horizon. Trapped within its vice are dozens of other long-dead ships, their hulls protruding from the sargasso at odd angles, masts askew, sails hanging in tatters. One such ship lies mired only six hundred feet to the port, and it seems to be in better shape than the others. Perhaps most unnerving, however, is neither the sight nor smell of so much sun-baked seaweed. It is the unnatural Silence, for the thick choking green has robbed the Sea Wyvern even of the strangely comforting sound of water lapping against her hull. It is not a healthy silence. It is the silence of a graveyard.

Welcome, to Journey’s End.

Total XP for Session: 1775xp



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