The Savage Tide

Shrine of Zotzilaha

Learning of of an impending Crimson Fleet attack, the heroes seek out allies....

Game Date: 2nd July, 2010

Following the Pirate attack on Farshore, the adventurers aid the colonists in subduing the remaining fires, and tend to the wounded. Lavinia asks the group to convene with her and the council at the chapel to discuss the attack, and decide what needs to be done from here. The party learns that only 10 colonists lost their lives in the attack, thanks to the aid of the Heroes. However, shortly after the meeting began, several townsfolk burst in with dire news; documents discovered on the Hellfish allude to this being but a scouting party; the Crimson Fleet is coming in force to Farshore!

With this news, the Heroes decide it would be best to question a prisoner they took during the battle; Lefty the Pirate. His attitude to the party remains hostile as they try to glean information from him, however Lavinia manages to win him over with wisdom and logic, and promises of a fair trial, with fair consideration given to any aid that he gives them now. He confesses what he knows, (which proves to be quite little) and the party determines that they have less than two months before a large fleet, possibly 10 ships, arrives to sack Farshore to the ground. The Hellfish is searched, and a crystal ball is found; the means by which slipknot pete recieved his orders from his masters within the Crimson Fleet.

Lavina requests that the Heroes seek the aid of the Olman tribes in the defence of Farshore. The Party disagrees, arguing that the colonists should take refuge within the jungle of the isle, and abandon the town. After heated words, Lavinia asks Akilu to walk with her that they may speak in private. It is revealed that there is a power struggle within the Council, and that Mathalay Meravanchi is vying for power. Since Lavinias arrival two weeks prior, he has opposed much of her rule, and there has now been a call for an election of Mayor. Lavina agrees with Akilu, that the Lives of the colonists are more valuable than the buildings, however much must be done to win the votes of the people so that Lavinia can win the Election and this option can be explored. In the meantime, she asks that the Heroes seek the aid of the olman tribes, as their help will be needed if either avenue is taken; defence of the colony will require more warriors, and moving the colonists inland and hiding them will require the assistance of the natives also.

Sailing the Sea Wyvern to the closest beach to the Main Village of the olmans, Tanaroa, the heroes arrive in the midst of a ceremony. A pulsating rhythm pounded out on hollowed logs accompanies a frenzied dance by dozens of warriors wearing large masks depicting a monstrous bat. They all chant one word as they dance; “Zotzilaha”. Brother Thomas recalls that this is one of the many regional names given to this Olman Deity, also known as Camazotz. He is a god of bats and horrible things that fly in the night, associated with fire, darkness, disease and plagues, and holds sway over the Olman underworld.

As the Party approaches the centre of the village where a large bonfire burns, a mighty vision of Zotzilaha rises from the flames and delivers an angry message; “Zotzilaha hears your snivelling prayers! You would appease the Great Bat? Then return what has been stolen or BURN!” with that, mighty elementals of fire and darkness erupt from the bonfire and attack! Akilu holds fast to their guide, Amath, chosen from the council for his aliegence to Mathalay. The Heroes defend the village bravely, and are victorious over the creatures.

Having come to their aid, the villagers are happy to talk with the outsiders, and J’kal, the village leader, speaks broken common with them. After some discussion, it is discovered that the Bat idol Fillius carries is what Zotzilaha demands to be returned. The Party liases further with the villagers, and manages to trade for some supplies. They then get directions to the Shrine of Zotzilaha, high in the peaks of two active volcanoes.

Again sailing the Sea Wyvern to save precious time, the party crosses the bay to the Fangs of Zotzilaha. Climbing the peaks, they enter the caverns after shielding themselves with magical protection from elements, and begin placing small trinkets and offerings the village provided for them to offer to Zotzilaha to appease his wraith. However, towards the end of the cavern, Massive dark Fire elementals erupt from the walls and block the parties escape! The party briefly considers attacking, however, when the giant creatures do not attack, they continue forwards. The elementals follow closely behind, blocking any escape.

Entering a large chamber, the heroes spy a large statue of a bat on the wall across from them. the their left, there is no wall to the chamber, it opens up onto the active volcanoes throat. From this fire, a winged creature charges, and attacks the party! It is a fierce Aspect of Zotzilaha, and it breaths dark fire upon the party! Sparhawk is badly wounded by the attack, and receives constitution damage from the Unholy attack. Fillius bravely charges forwards through the combat, and places the bat idol atop the statue, where a niche the same size sits empty. The Aspect, satisfied that what has been stolen was returned, stops its attack and thanks the Heroes. It rewards them each with a choice of a valuable item from Zotzilaha’s vault. During the search through the items, a Tooth is discovered, and the Aspect states that it does not belong there. Thak-gak takes the item, as the aspect said they may have it as it does not belong to Zotzilaha. It is in fact a minor artifact, known as the tooth of Ahazu.

Total XP for Session: 2130 xp



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