The Savage Tide

Arrival at Farshore
The Heroes finally arrive at Farshore...

Game Date: 4th June, 2010

Having discovered the Sea Wyvern damaged and aground 200ft offshore on a rock reef, the party is debating what coarse of action to take, when something attempts to compel Fillius to destroy his companions! He overcomes the compulsion however, and when movement is spotted at the sea wyvern, Akilu boldly charges forth. He is confronted in the water however by two Aquatic Hydras! Fighting a fierce battle with them, He calls on the party for aid. Those capable move to assist him, and again Fillius feels a compulsion to destroy his companions, which again his will is capable of overcoming.

Akilu and Sparhawk make short work of the Hydras, however within the ship a new enemy is spotted. Sparhawk charges to confront their new foe, and is dealt a critical blow, felling him. Akilu, and Putin confront the New foe, now revealed as a Kopru Druid. Thak-Gak Confronts a summoned Elasmosaurus, and fells the beast, with assistance from Fillius’ Magic Missiles. Fillius and Thomas make their way towards the ship, when Brother Thomas is struck by several powerful bolts of Lightning from the heavens! This effect continues to strike him true, despite Thomas’ efforts to move out of any field of effect. After a difficult battle, The Kopru Druid Skephilipika is defeated.

It is discovered, after exploring the ship and assessing the damage, that the druid had been using the vessel as a lair, and had been crafting a magical item in the submerged part of the ships hold – a Periapt of Wisdom +4. After some careful inspection and discussion amongst the magic wielders of the party, it is determined that there is a slim chance that with the correct combination of magical skills, that the incomplete magic item can be completed. While the other members of the party work on repairing the ship, with Urol’s assistance (using the retrieved silent metamagic rod to cast spells, as he can still not speak after his abduction in Fogmire), the parties casters work together, and manage to complete the creation of the magical item.

After Almost a week of repair work, the party sets the Sea Wyvern back onto its journey to Farshore. It takes 5 days sailing to reach Farshore, time in which the party cleverly utilises the commune spell to gain some valuable knowledge about their situation and the task ahead. Coming into sunset of the final day of their journey to Farshore, it becomes apparent that all is not well for the small colony they have been journeying so long to reach. Black plumes of thick smoke trail up from the small isle of Temute Where the Colony is located. Through a spyglass, the party spies a ship in Farshore’s Harbour that does not belong; a rugged looking caravel with red sails and a crimson jolly roger flying from its main mast – the pirates of the Crimson Fleet have come to Farshore, and their attack is well underway!

Sailing at full sail into the Harbour, the Heroes quickly assess the situation, and determine that to assist in the best possible way, they will have to split up and go after differing goals. As the Ship pulls up at the dock and is quickly Moored, The party members each take off after a different objective. Fillius rushes to the aid of a womans voice from within a burning building near the dock. Breaking in the back door of the Storage Building, Fillius feels his way through the smoke filled room and finds the unconcious form of Hilde Swenten, a Farmer. Dragging her outside, she is revived and after the initial shock of Filllius’ appearance wears off, she thanks him for saving her life.

Hevrik Aldwattle, a human wizard, is found on the sands of the beach bleeding out, and is revived. He agrees to aid the party, and none too soon either, with his talents required to down a brutish Halforc called Anvil, who was about to slay another of the female villages. With a well placed Magic Missile, the Halforc was slain, preventing him from running Ruby the Weaver through with his cutlass.

Putin, having made his way to the colony’s church where a large group of pirates was breaking down the doors to slaughter the colonists within, jumped amongst the pirates and cut them down in a mighty cleave of his greatsword. One pirate outside his reach brandished his weapon menacingly, so Putin took the risk of disarming himself and hurled his greatsword at the pirate, impaling him and pinning him against the wall of the wooden church.

Thak-gak, having taken to the rooftops to gain a vantage point on his enemies, made his way to where he had spied what appeared to be the pirates leader. Using his powerful Leap attack, he dropped down on the enemy, striking him dead with a powerful blow. Seeing their leader felled so effortlessly by a far superior enemy, the remaining pirates routed.

Brother Thomas, having made his way to the Hall of Records, used his divine ability to create water to assist the colonists put out the fire. After several attempts, the fire was brought under control, saving the hall of records.

The party, in the midst of chasing the Pirates out of Farshore, are reunited with Lavinia Vanderboren, who is overwealmed to see them. She and the Jade Ravens (four adventurers also in her employ) had just finished dispatching a group of pirates, and together the Heroes and she drove the remaining pirates to the docks. Here, once they had boarded their boat, they were slain almost to a man with one well placed fireball.

Total XP for Session: 1810 xp

Escape from Fogmire
The Party confronts Orlangru, and escapes Fogmire.

Game Date: 7th May, 2010

After defeating IIlzytik the Spirit Naga, Her Lair was thoroughly searched by the group. As well as other useful items, a Iron ape paw and a Lesser Silent metamagic rod were found. After a quick discussion, the Heroes decided to explore the room to the North, in which they had previously caught glimpses of Fiendish Baboons from the Pit below.

Upon entering the room, Ckal’ek is charged by a howling mob of Fiendish Baboons! The creatures swarm over the party, biting and clawing and severely wounding several of the heroes. falling back through the doorway, several powerful blows and well placed spells are enough to fell most of the beasts.

Searching the room, a secret passage is discovered behind a stone throne. Opening this sets off a powerful lightning trap, wounding the Knight Sparhawk. Within a hidden chamber beyond the door are two chests, again both of these are trapped as Thak’gak and his companions (to their dismay) discover. Several powerful spells are set off as Thak-Gak touches everything to see if it is trapped… wounding several party members in the process. Thak-gak’s companions decide it would be wise to leave the room at this point. The chests are also locked, and will not open. Uriel however, determines their clever arcane lock, and using his arcane talents, overcomes the chests defences. Within, amongst numerous other treasures, is a second Iron ape paw.

Leaving the Throneroom behind them, the party moves back through the Spirit Nagas lair, and through the door to the East. Within, they discover two Iron ape statues, each missing a hand. The Heroes quickly determine this is a form of lock, and place the two iron paws they have found on the statues. With that done, the Large iron doors to the East of this small chamber swing open, revealing a long corridor flanked either side by more statues.

As the party enters the corridor, a magical trap is triggered, and a cacophany of howls echoes through the shrine, warning of intruders. Not swayed in their determination, the group presses on down the corridor, until it ends with a door facing North. Throwing open the doors, a massive chamber is revealed, with a roaring firepit in the center, over which hang the chained forms of Amelia and Urol. Statues of demonic apes watch over the room, however one in particular takes the parties eye, a massive statue on a dais on the far side of the room, depicting the Price of Demons, Demogorgon. Within moments of entering the room, the terified Amelia and Urol begin decending to the roaring flames below. Thak-gak leaps to their rescue, and is attacked by Orlangru, and his remaining Harem!

The party closes and a fierce battle ensues. Thak-gak pulls Amelia and Urol to safety, after enlarging to confront these powerful enemies. Well placed spells and blows make short work of the Bar-Lguras, and the Heroes stand victorious. However, before they can celebrate their victory, the statue of Demogorgon howls and comes to hideous life! It is in fact a Lemorian Golem, Forged in the pits of Demogorgons lair in the Abyss, and sent to the material plane as a focus of unholy rites in shrines to the prince of demons.

After a short fight with the construct, and determining just how powerful a foe they faced, the Heroes briefly contemplated flight rather than facing such a challenge. However Uriel discovered that the Golem itself was what was emanating the foul energies keeping them trapped here in Fogmire, so if they were to ever escape, this foe had to be destroyed. Closing with their enemy, A fierce battle was fought, and the party was victorious.

With the destruction of the Golem, the oppressive aura of the shrine, and Fogmire itself, was lifted, and by the time the Heroes emerged from the shrine, the Fog had cleared. Amelia was unharmed and extremely grateful at having been rescued. The experience had left its mark on Urol however, the Gnomes Ever-wagging Tongue had irritated Orlangru to the point where he tore it out and devoured it.

Now freed from the clutches of Fogmire, Lithira the Aranea thanks them and departs. Faced with a decision of forging on through the unknown to Farshore, or returning to reclaim the Sea Wyvern, the Heroes opt for returning to the ship, following the path they have just traversed. On their arrival many days later however, the ship is not where they left it, run aground and moored on the sandy shores of a beach. It is listing sickly to one side, hull torn open, 200feet offshore on rocky reefs; It appears that the tides swept her out onto the reef while the Party was away.

Total XP for Session: 2400 xp

The Party Ventures deeper into the Mists, where greater danger awaits.

Game Date: 9th April, 2010

Emerging from the Dark Mountain Pass, The Adventures are met with fresh sea air, however the taint and oppression of the mists still remain. ahead, down a flight of seaweed choked stairs, is a great sea road, cut from the cliffs, and heading south. The party begins to make their way forwards, when Uriel feels the touch of magic in the air, and Brother Thomas appears before them, a teleport spell returning him to the party from wherever he was. In their excitment at seeing him returned, they neglected to ask where he had been, and if their other companions were also alive and well…

Making their way south along the ocean road, towards dusk the party comes across a deserted Olman village. Looking like it had been abandoned for possibly years, the adventures choose to make camp within one of the crude huts. That night, on the third watch, the camp is suddenly thrust into magical darkness! Sparhawk calls out an alert, and everyone rouses to face the unseen enemy. Searching the perimeter warily for any sign of attack, the remaining Crew of the Sea Wyvern wait, and no attack comes. after 20 minutes, the magical effect disipates. With no evidence as to what has occured, the party uneasily beds down for the remainder of the night.

As the grey dawn breaks, shapes emerge at the edge of the camp, just indistinguishable through the fog. Upon the adventurers approach, they are corpses, weeks old, strung out on wooden frames of the same make as the speaking corpse first encountered when the group found themselves in the mists. These are silent however. These constructions were not here when the adventurers bedded down for the evening, someone, or something put them here through the night somehow, perhaps as a warning, perhaps purely as cruel sport.

Around midmorning, and several hours of travel South along the Sea Road, Wings are heard approaching from the East, and the Party is attacked by a Flock of Gargoyles!

The Gargoyles swoop in, Lead by a Fearsome Barbarian Chieftan, Quotocta. Thak-gak quickly leaps up onto the cliff face, grabbing hold, and awaits a prime opportunity to strike. The remaining party members put their backs to the wall, realising that with the searoads current height from the rocky coastline below, a fall would most certainly prove fatal. Thomas however, cannot act quickly enough, and is surrounded by the beasts. Blows are exchanged, and Sparhawk issues a challenge to the brute. The Supernatural effect of the Knights Challenge is resisted, however the Gargoyle Barbarians attention is drawn to Sparhawk, and with a Grin the creature says “Quotocta Accepts…” and advances on Sparhawk.

Thak-gak, from his vantage point drops to the battle below, striking two of the creatures down with his powerful blows. More blows are exchanged, and finaly, Quotocta falls in battle. The group finds several useful items on the Barbarian chieftan, including a pearl of Revivify, a powerful one use item that when activated imediatly after the death of a companion, will trap their soul and return it to the body. A rare Magic Item, a Gargoyle Crown was taken by Sparhawk, granting him the ability to smite foes touching natural stone or earth, and damage resistance.

Moving further along the sea road, towards mid afternoon, the sea road comes to an abrupt halt. Erosion seems to play a part, however it appears that this was as far as the great construction ever got, the cliffs further south are sheer and impassable. Urol suggests a Pass, half an hours travel back that he noticed, as a way to get through the mountains and continue south. At this, Amelia begins to become agrevated and irate with the Gnome, expressing her distrust and dislike for the creature. The Party decides to trust Urol, and travels back and takes the mountain pass.

Going is slow through the pass, and it takes most of the afternoon to traverse. halfway through the mountains, Uriel spies movement out of the corner of his eye, high above on a cliff. moments later a small rockfall slides towards the party. The fall is easily avoided, however amoungst the rocks are several human skulls, freshly skinned, eyes carved out, with brains still within the skulls. Amelia begins to despair at this, that some unseen force taunts them, wishes them harm. However Sparhawk, using his abilities well, calms her, and wins her trust that they will make it through.

Travelling down from the mountains, the group enters a region of thicker fog, and the terain begins to take on that of swampland. Trees and Wildlife here have weeping sores, grotesque growths, and the air and water have a sickly taint. After several hours, it becomes apparent that the party is lost, having crossed their own path twice, and makes preparations to camp. A clearing is suggested by Amelia, however, the party decides to rest a bit further on, in a clearing strikingly simmilar to the first.

That evening, on the second watch, The adventurers are ambushed by a group of Bar-Lguras!

Sparhawk, (who is again on watch) calls out an alert to rouse the party. The Bar-Lguras Fight a skirmishing battle, charging their enemies and using their Pounce ability to full effect. Thak-gak and Akilu are both dealt fearsome blows, however working together the party manage to slay one of the beasts. With that, another of the creatures grabs hold of Urol, and vanishes, abducting him! The battle rages on, and another manages to grab Amelia, and Teleports away, abducting her also. With Two of the group stolen away, the Leader turns to the party and speaks in deep growling common, a sound from the abyss itself, “Your companions shall make a fitting sacrifice to the Prince of Demons.” and with that, vanishes also.

Brother Thomas’ Knowledge proves valuable, as he links the reference to the Prince of Demons as Demogorgon. Uriel, using his arcane arts, senses that the magical forces that pervade this region have an abysal taint, and that they eminate in a flow from a location not to far to the South. Banding together, the Adventurers move to investigate. after a short time, they come across a large spire of black rock, and at the rocks base the image of two giganic fanged baboon heads carved into the rock leer out at the jungle. Their gaping Maws reveal two caves that lead into darkness. After a short deliberation, Lirith & the Aranea Lithira will remain outside. Uriel remains with them for the time being, however will join the party within if it is felt that Lirith and Lithira will be safe (or if he is needed by the party).

Moving through the left entrance, Sparhawk in lead, a rockfall trap is triggered, burrying Sparhawk! Akilu manages to grab hold of Sparhawk as he is burried, and begins to heave and pull him out. It takes almost a minute to pull Sparhawk free, however he has managed to hold his breath long enough for his companions to rescue him. Procceeding around to the Right entrance, the group explores the natural caverns, finding a skeleton chained to a wall, with Olman writing on the wall, of which Sparhawk can decifer some writings; “No Way Out… Pain…Suffering… Pray only death…. death before alter… Two Faced one…. No Way out..”. Further into the caves, Urol and Amelias Gear is located, Including Urols wand of Cure Light Wounds. Deeper still, the cave becomes worked stone, and a Brass door bars the way. After some deliberation over the best way to proceed, Sparhawk grasps the doorhandles and opens the door, recieving minor damage in the process.

Before the group is a small shrine, stained everywhere with blood. Two stone thrones, two Iron framed mirrors, and a Greasy green stone alter with two black tallow candles are the only contents of this room. After much deliberation, someone attempts to sit in one of the thrones, relasing a fireball trap. Shortly thereafter, the North Tallow candle is lit while Sparhawk is sitting in the North Throne. His manner becomes beastial, Savage, and he attacks the party! An image of sparhawk calls out from the mirror, asking for help. Akilu pins the Bestial Sparhawk against the wall, and Thomas, using a divine ability, grants Sparhawk a second will save to overcome the effects of the throne. A moment later, sparhawk returns to his prior self, having passed his save. The mirror then turns an inky, swirling black. After much further deliberation and experimentation (with many fireballs released harming the party), the process is repeated for the South throne, this time with the person seated protected by a protection from evil spell. The second mirror turns inky black for a moment, and then both clear, revealing a hazy image of a cavern bathed in red light. Each adventurer boldly touches the mirrors, and is transported into the room seen in the mirrors, somewhere deeper within the rock spire.

Within moments of those party members bearing glowing orbs entering the room, Three Bar-Lguras Attack! Striking with many powerful blows, Thak-gak is heavily wounded, however slays one of his opponents and another teleports away. Thomas, prepaired for this battle, uses his ability to Turn Evil creatures. Overcome with the divine power, one of the Bar-Lguras flees, Teleporting away. The Bar-Lgura that teleported away reapears, and attacks, however the party manages to fell this creature also.

Exploring the room, a natural stone bridge crosses the room, with two doors on the upper level. A rusted iron grate door is opened first downstairs, and within is found a mess of bones, rotting flesh, and other refuse. Above in this room, a grate in the ceiling reveals the room above, lit by firelight, several Fiendish baboons are spotted. After a brief discussion, the Party decides to explore the room upstairs to the South.

Opening the door, the Party is imediatly attacked by what appears to be a Bone Naga! Steeling himself and drawing deeply on the power of his faith, Thomas attempts a Greater Turning, and lashes out with close to as much divine power as he is capable of mustering. (rolled high. ;) ) To his shock, and dismay, the turning has no effect on the creature. The creature then lets loose with a volley of potent spells, and it becomes apparent that this is no Bone Naga, but a Spirit Naga using illusions to disguise itself, which each member of the party eventually sees through. The Naga casts swift mirror image from a wand, making melee combat more difficult for the party. It then casts several Fireballs, and Thomas is overcome in the magical fire, facing death itself. His potent divine abilities save him however, casting an imediate spell to heal himself, and ward off certain death. The Naga puts up an admirable fight, however it quickly succumbs to the overwealming numbers of the party, and is slain.

Total XP for Session: 2630 xp

Here there be Monsters
The Adventures arrive on the Isle of Dread.

Game Date: 26th March, 2010

With the Sargasso ‘Journey’s End’ behind them, the Party makes steady sailing for the Isle of dread to rejoin with Lavinia’s Ships, The Blue Nixie and the Blue Roc. Four Days pass, and as dark stormclouds gather on the dawn of the fifth day, Fillius spots land on the distant horizon. The Sea Wyvern makes for the Isle at full speed, however by Noon it is obvious to all that the Storm will catch them well before they reach the Isle.

Akilu Controls the the Ship as only a true proffesional Sailor can, with only one near roll of the ship. After several hours of riding the storm towards the Isle, there is a thunderous crash, and the tearing of timbers; The Sea Wyvern had run aground on Masher Reef.

Quick thinking and quick hands manage to salvage a third of the supplies in the hold of the ship, which would have otherwise surely been lost to the seawater. As the Adventurers take stock of their situation, A horror from the Deep Erupts from the sea and attacks Thak-Gak; an Aquatic Purple Worm. The Creature fights fiercly, attempting to swallow its intended meal, however is slain before it can do so by a spell from Fillius, after recieving numerous telling blows from the rest of the party.

With the Worm defeated, the adventurers put Urol the Druid to the task of fixing the holed vessel, through the use of his spell, Woodshape.

With the Sea Wyvern repaired, and the water bailed from the hold, all that remains is to push the ship from the reef. Thak-gak bravely volunteers, and with his supernatural ability to enlarge himself, jumps into the 5foot of water on the reef and begins to push the boat into clear water. However, the blood from the Slain Purple worm has attracted another of its kind, which quickly charges down Thak-gak. As the Purple worm lunges, Thak-gak heaves and the great ship is freed, just as the worm strikes him a terrible blow. Again Thak-gak uses his racial ability to enlarge to colossal size, thwarting the Worms attempts to swallow him, Leaving it hanging limply from his thigh. Thak-gak Beats the worm off and it falls flailing into the ocean. He then leaps to the now retreating ship, and the party escapes from Masher Reef.

The storm it seams, is however not so keen to let them escape its fury. The winds howl, and the waves crash agains the ship, driving her towards shore. With Akilu again showing near legendary Seamanship, he rides out the tempest, And stears the mighty ship towards land,—and grounds the ship on the beach of the Isle of dread.

Taking stock of their situation, it appears that there are three Party members unaccounted for; Putin, Brother Thomas, & Calek. With the storm still raging outside, and no sign of them on the ship, there seems little to be done but to hope for their safety.

The storm rages on through the night and begins to die out towards morning, and the remaining adventurers bed down for the night. Towards dawn, an oppressive fog surounds the ship, and Thak-gak feels a strong urge to sleep, however shakes it off. In a few moments however, all vision is obscured and some fel magics transport him and the crew away from the ship and deep into the Mist shrouded Jungle. The remaining travelers in the company of the Adventurers are scared, and look to the Party for protection. Amelia Venkali, the ships first mate, lingers close to Akilu, and keeps wide eyes on the fog shrouded jungle around them. Urol seems only slightly to have his spirits dampened, and seems excited about exploring the Isle. Lirith Veldirose, the Tomboy who the cunning putin determined was actualy a runaway Noble youth, Seems sullen and quiet, however her outward appearance shows very little fear of her current predicament.

Uriel uses his arcane talents and dispels Magic, clearing the area of fog. This reveals a corpse strung to a wooden construction. When the party approches, a magic mouth spell taunts them in broken common; “Welcome to my home travelers. You come along way only to stay here forever. at least you live. that is good for now. My home is your home. Now. Forever.”

After a short time, an old woman approches from the North, and the party readies themselves warily. As she aproches, it becomes apparent that her eyesight is poor and failing, however it is the black silk dress she wears, and the fine cobwebs in her hair that catch the party’s attention. The party befriends her, learning that she is Lithira, an outcast queen of an Aranea colony elsewhere on the Island. She agrees to help them, and provides the party with a premonition; “You should know that the path South is Dangerous. There are unnatural things that lurk in the dark places, now more than in the past. I know that Four Eyes have gazed upon you, and their servant seeks you out. You would do well to avoid him. If you plan to head south, take the Dark Mountain Pass that travels under the peaks, made long ago by the ancient ones. May you wander the Web to find your way home.” Lithira then agrees to acompany them in an attempt to escape the fog herself, saying that there is no way out, and she is lost. The party soon learns the truth of this, attempting to make their way towards where they believe their ship to be, and after several hours, returning to the same clearing.

Entrusting themselves to the fates, the party heads South in search of Dark Mountain Pass, and soon finds the mountain ranges. It is from there short work in finding the Pass entrance, and the Adventures delve into the darkness. The Passageway takes three hours to traverse, and once throughout this journey, One of the adventurers feels they are being watched. Peering behind, nothing reveals itself. Continuing, that feeling cannot be shaken.

Coming to what looks to be a reception hall, a large stone throne sits to the end of the room, where a human skeleton is impaled upon the throne by a longspear. Thak-gak spots something glinting within a fountain, and moves to inspect it. Sparhawk moves to the dais, and bravely places his hands upon the spear. When nothing strikes him down, he pulls free his prize, a +2 Keen Longspear. Thak-gak requests akilu retreave the item in the Fountain, and Akilu obliges, revealing a 6 pound red stone rod.

Decending the stairs to the East, the adventurers begin to cross twin bridges of stone spanning acros dark water far below. Danger looms however, and monstrous centipedes attack. They are however, no match for the seasoned adventurers, and are easily slain. Pushing onwards, the Party enters the Northern Stone door, to find a mausoleum. pressing deep inside here, Akilu is attacked by a Mohrg, and a trap is triggered, sealing the chamber and flooding it with water. dispatching the creature quickly, the party searches and finds a hidden chamber, and opens the door, also disabling the trap.

Entering the chamber, a tomb lies on a dais on the eastern side. Sparhawk approaches, and boldly heaves open the lid, triggering a spear trap. Dozens of Spears fly from the floor roof and walls, injuring the sturdy adventurers only slightly. Within the Tomb, the corpse of a Priest holds a 8 pound blue stone scepter.

Leaving the Mausolem, the Adventurers discover the Great water doors, Two Gigantic Iron doors decorated with symbols of water & sealife in Tarnished copper. Two colored pedestals stand to either side, and the adventurers determine the use of the colored rods; leavers. With screatching and grinding, the doors inch open, to reveal daylight and a broad set of seaweed choked stairs leading down to a small beach. The Fog which pervaded on the other side of the mountains seems even heavier here.

Leaving no stone unturned, the adventurers turn to the last remaining door, hesitant to leave a part of the complex unexplored. Within is a chamber with two chests and a stagnant pool, and as Akilu aproches the Chests, is attacked by a Black Pudding! Combat ensues, and the Party soon learns that blades used on the creatures cause it to divide, doubling their foes! Also, anything touching the creatures risks being destroyed by acid. After a short battle the creatures are defeated. The chests reveal a number of useful magical items, some Coin, and the pool to the SW reveals 2 additional magical items.

With that, the Adventurers leave the complex behind them, and stride out into the day and onto the sea stairs, and again into the mists.

Total XP for Session: 2270xp

Journey's End
This blighted mockery of land does not welcome outsiders....

Game Date: 12th March, 2010

After taking stock of their plight the Party makes several attempts to free the great ship from the unnatural weed. Sparhawk expends his Quals Feather Token to summon a strong wind, in an attempt to push the great ship free from the green mass. To his dismay, the weeds tighten their grip on the ship, as if they had a life of their own, and the ship makes no headway. Akilu attempts to commune with any aquatic life, and receives no reply, it appears that nothing lives here but the masses of green weed.

Sparhawk quickly decides to take point, and vaults over the side to the weed below. The going is slow, but he makes his way towards the closest wreckage, with the rest of the Party quickly following. The signs of a battle, and a last stand overrun are found on the ship, along with a Journal describing the last days of a monk shipwrecked 3 months previous on the Sargasso.

With this new information, the Adventurers make haste towards the east, seeking out a way to free their ship from the clutches of the weeds. Their pace quickens after something tries (and almost succeeded but for the strength of Sparhawk) to pull the Scout Kal’ek down into the weeds.

Arriving just on sunset, and the onset of thick fog, at a shipwreck that is somewhat defensible, the Party takes refuge within and moves debris in preparation to barricade the entrance. Fillius, Akilu and Thak-Gak remain outside, and keep watch. They do not have long to wait before wispered voices drift through the fog, saying only one word; “Outsiders”. Several humanoid forms shamble forward through the fog, and the enemy becomes seen; Horrible creatures, in mock shapes of man, made from the green weed, and wielding claws on the ends of their tentacle arms.

A Battle ensues, and when all but three of the creatures have been slain, the remainder look to the east, and as if mentally commanded, sink into the weeds, withdrawing, wispering as one as they do so, “feed for the brood….”

The night passes uneventfully, and in the morning the adventurers press on, making the edges of the forest of weed by midmorning as the fog clears. Fillius takes to the air, and attempts to ignite the tops of the trees with arcane fire. As if in response to their intentions, the party begins to feel a dull ache behind their eyes, and Thak-gak, with his psionic skills, can discern that something is mentally calling out, willing something to ‘come forth’. In the distance, behind the adventurers, the horizon moves as one, and thousands of Vine Horrors (the creatures fought the previous night) make a shambling march towards the party. Fillius spots from his vantage point a mighty ship on the other side of the forest, from which the weeds radiate out. He conveys this to the party.

Hastily pushing on through the Forest, the group comes across the wreck of a mighty warship, the Thunderer. Thak-gak senses this to be the source of the power, and they make their way onto the ship. Kal’ek keeps watch above, while the others enter the ship.

In quick time the captains cabin is found. A quick search of the room reveals a few useful items and some treasure, however the main items being searched for, logs and journals, are found destroyed by the damp and age, useless. Pressing deeper into the ship, a room overrun with assassin vines is stumbled into, and Putin and Thak-Gak receive some life threatening wounds. Many of the adventurers seem to be unsure of the enemy they face, however they are overcome in time, after a crafty adventurer discerned that they could not reach a prone individual in the room, as the vines hung 10ft down from a 15ft ceiling. Putin however, decided that time was of the essence, and charging through the room, opens the doors on the opposite wall…. to reveal a gaping hole in the deck to the level below. with little hesitation, he jumps down to meet his fate.

Below is the hold of the ship, the walls and roof collapsed somewhat with damp and age, constricting the space to 5 foot high. to the stern of the ship, a gaping maw with tentacles dominates the room, and the babbling cries of immature vines horrors fills the air. After defeating the remaining ASSASSIN VINES, the party joins Putin in the hold of the ship. Putin quickly searches the room for rum and blankets, or anything else that may be of use. Fillius advances on the maw, and lets loose a Fireball from his wand, destroying dozens of the immature vine horrors hanging from the walls of the shaft. A bold stroke, however one that incurs the wrath of the creatures’ mother, the Mother of All.

Using its ability to teleport via plants, the Mother of all appears behind Fillius, and lashes out, inflicting horrible wounds upon him. If it were not for a powerful item in his possession, a Failsafe ring of Blink, he would have surely perished, as the monsters first strike brought Fillius near to death, and its next strikes, which surely would have hit him, passed through the space he was before as he blinks. Taking wounds from several other adventurers after its strike on Fillius, the Mother of all choses to teleport via plants again, and regain its strength. Striking again shortly thereafter, Sparhawk this time is ready. He issues a Challenge to the creature to Fight, and the Mother is bound to do so.

The Party goes toe to toe with the Creature, inflicting blow after blow. Putin discovers a chest in the corner of the room, In which is a +1 Animated Tower shield, and a bone scrollcase with a scroll of Limited Wish. Fillius uses his Fireball wand to destroy the Tentacles around the maw, and begins to destroy the remaining brood within the shaft. Unfortunatly for Fillius, the Attacks by warriors other than Sparhawk have broken the hold of the challenge, and the Mother again Teleports via Plants, intent on destroying the one killing her children. She appears on the wall of the shaft below Fillius, and with two mighty blows, Tears his flesh and leaves him, dying, falling into the shaft below. Unknown to the creature, Fillius’ anatomy allows his wings to extend when unconscious, and although bleeding out, he does not fall to his certain death 100 feet below, but glides. With little strength remaining from the battle, the creature is quickly dispatched by the remaining warriors.

In the minutes that follow, the sargasso begins to break appart, and the Maw, from which Fillius has been rescued, fills quickly with seawater as the Great landmass of weed begins to unravel from its heart. Quickly searching the room reveals some treasure, however to the adventures dismay, no rum, blankets, or bar wenches.

Returning to the light of Day, Fillius, now healed, uses his magical Folding boat to sail the party to safety as the land falls from beneath them into the waves. The Adventures return to the Sea Wyvern, now free from the clutches of the Sargasso, and continue on their journey to the Isle of Dread.

Total XP for Session: 2570xp

Ruins of Tamoachan
The Ancient ruins are home to not only secrets....

Game Date: 12th February, 2010

The Adventurers follow the bublingly eager Urol into the longboats, and make for shore to explore the ancient Olman ruins of Tamoachan. After an hour of pushing through dense, hot, humid, insect infested jungles, the foliage parts to reveal the ruins.

Fillius’ keen eyes spot movement ahead at their destination, and the party moves up to investigate. A battle with a Basilisk ensues, where the unlucky Scout Kal’ek is petrified by the creatures magical gaze, along with the stone salve he has in his pack. Fortunately, no other party members suffer the same fate, and the creature is hastily dispatched. On its death, it lets out a cry of pain, and the adventurers strain to hear if there are any answering cries, yet there appears to be none.

Kal’ek is quickly returned to his former self, thanks to some stone salve held by other members of the party. Forming up into defensive ranks, Akilu and Putin lead the adventurers into the Northern tunnel of the ruins.

Moving deeper, the group discovers an ancient Ulman preparation chamber, for preparing the deceased for their journey to the afterlife. A Necromantic trap is disabled by the versatile Knight, Sparhawk, however everyone fails to find the cleverly hidden pressure plate that trigers a magical wall of flame. Kal’ek teleports through the wall with his dimensionstride boots, and the others take refuge in the alcove to the east. Sparhawk quickly dashes out to disarm the trap, and after several non-fatal attempts, succeeds.

Pressing deeper through the natural fissure to the east, another chamber is found, however the way is blocked by a wall of iron. Movement is heard for the other side, however Urol in his excitement insists that the party press forward, they must explore further. After some searching, Putin discovers an area of loose brickwork at the edge of the iron wall, and begins to make a passage through. When a space large enough to see through is formed, Kal’ek teleports into the room beyond to investigate.

A room similar to the first is here, however the center of the room is adorned this time with a sarcophagus rather than a preparation altar. Kal’ek has little time to look around however, as he is attacked from above by evil creatures from another plane. Quickly he teleports back to safety. The party wastes little time and demolishes more of the wall to allow everyone to enter and confronts their foes, a pair of ravenous Varrangoins.

After defeating the Varrangoins, and taking time to ponder the absurdity of stone walls depicting lifelike depictions, the sarcophagus in the center is opened to release a cloud of Mummy rot from a trap. Fortunately, everyone passes their saves. Further to the south, a deep burial well is discovered, and an ancient calandar wheel. Sparhawk feels that these two entities should meet, and to that end, assists. Clutched in the arms of a mummified priest is a magnificent golden bat statue, which Fillius takes via Gnome. It is found to be magical, some form of key, however not likely to something here, as it is determined that it is not from the Ulman civilization of Tamoachan….

Exiting the chambers back into the light of day, the party is attacked by another, and much more powerful, basilisk (Abysal Greater Basilisk). Kal’ek is swift enough to yell out a warning and retreat to the tunnel, however Sparhawk, in his surprise, fails to avert his eyes and is petrified by the creatures power. Learning from their previous experience, the party swiftly acts to cover the creatures eyes, and do so with a cloak covered in tanglefoot. This proves to be the partys saving grace, and the creature is eventually defeated. Sparhawk is reanimated with stonesalve.

Exploring the eastern tunnel reveals a chamber with a large statue and a well, in which a few items of value (but little import) are discovered. With the light of day waning, it is decided to return to the ships, Urol contented with his discoveries.

The three ships hug the coast for the next 20 days heading South-West towards the Isle of dread, then turn South out into the Vohoun Ocean. another 15 days into their journey, the last isle where resupplying is possible is reached, the isle of Renkru. Water barrels are refilled, and fresh fruits are gathered for the final month of the journey.

Ten days out into the deep blue, a violent storm hits the ships. It pummels the Sea wyvern for the entire night, and in the morning, the Blue Nixie and the Blue Roc are nowhere to be seen. Akilu communes with some dolphins, asking them to search for other ships. Thomas uses magic to telepathically commune with Lavinia the following day. The Dolphins report that there are indeed two ships to the south of the Sea Wyvern, but 3 days sail. Lavinia informs Thomas and the party via the spell that all the crew of both the Blue Nixie and the Blue Roc are safe and well, and it is good to hear from the party. They make arrangements to meet at the northernmost tip of the Isle of Dread in 20 days.

That night, an unnaturally thick fog falls, and lingers on into the morning. As the gray dawn breaks, burning fitfully through the morning fog to light the sea, something seems strange about the waters below. They seem almost solid, as if the sea had formed some strange sort of skin. The air seems dead as well, and the sails hang limp, heavy with moisture from the receding fog. Finally, the mist begins to clear, and what is unveiled is not the gently rolling vista of the sea but a wet green field of weed. The swath of dirty green stretches flatly in all directions. To the stern , it extends for perhaps a half mile, beyond which lie the open waters of the mocking sea. In all other directions, the weed extends to the horizon. Trapped within its vice are dozens of other long-dead ships, their hulls protruding from the sargasso at odd angles, masts askew, sails hanging in tatters. One such ship lies mired only six hundred feet to the port, and it seems to be in better shape than the others. Perhaps most unnerving, however, is neither the sight nor smell of so much sun-baked seaweed. It is the unnatural Silence, for the thick choking green has robbed the Sea Wyvern even of the strangely comforting sound of water lapping against her hull. It is not a healthy silence. It is the silence of a graveyard.

Welcome, to Journey’s End.

Total XP for Session: 1775xp

The Voyage South Begins
The Adventurers set sail for the infamous Isle of Dread....

Game Date: 15th January, 2010

After the Party’s victory at Daggermaw, they find themselves with a great deal more disposable income. After re-equiping themselves, Lavinia and the Adventurers set sail for the distant colony of Farshore, on the Southern tip of the Isle of Dread. Lavinias intention is to resupply the colony, and to take further settlers to this remote fledgling township. Thanks to the party’s efforts, she had the means at her disposal to purchase an additional ship for the journey, The Blue Roc, and has loaded it with additional supplies and settlers.

The first thirteen days pass uneventfully, hugging the coast en route to Fort Blackrock, where one of the passengers, Conrad Horst, is on a pilgrimage to the temple there. The ships moor in the small harbour and stay the night, and Conrad stays at the temple the evening, to leave with the ships in the morning for Farshore. He has become convinced that the people of Farshore need to hear the word of Hierineous, and that his true pilgrimage lies there. However on his return to the ship the next morning, all is not well.

Brother Thomas’ talents with healing reveal 3 days further into the Journey that Conrad has been impregnated with a Blue Sladd Egg. The Party makes plans to try and remove and destroy it, however during their discussions, Conrad disappears. A desperate search ensues, to find him before it hatches. He is located, hiding, invisible, hanging from a rope off the rear of the ship. when shot in the shoulder with an arrow, he is bewildered and does not know where he is, terrified. Just then, the pains of the blue Sladd hatching make him begin to scream in agony. Putin Cuts the rope, and Conrad falls into the sea. Below the waves, the Blue Sladd bursts forth, and swims up to the ship, attacking the party.

After defeating the Sladd, and that which it summoned, The Ships are brought together and a search begins for any stow aways. After a short time, one stow away is captured by a Sailor by the name of Jorg. The stow away is none other than Rowena Kellani, with vicious plans of revenge against Akilu and his companions. The Party removes the Blue Sladd Egg she had within her, (a double cross by the wizards of the hopping prophet), and decides to keep here alive as a prisoner. For Now.

The Voyage continues South, towards its next stop, the Ruins of Tamoachan. Here another of their passengers, A Gnome by the name of Urol Forol, has made a deal with Lavinia to wait in their journey for a day while he explores a previously unexplored section of the Tamoachan ruins, their location detailed on a mysterious map. The map came into Urol’s possession but a week before the expedition left, sold to him by a man who claimed to have found it on a dying elf sailor washed ashore.

One evening while anchored in a heavy Fog, a monstrous aquatic ooze attacks the ship, however is quickly vanquished. Within its remains is discovered a ring of mind shielding, and gauntlets of ogre power. With no further incident for the next few days sailing, the ships drop anchor close to shore near the ruins of Tamoachan.

Total XP for Session: 1750xp

Escape From Daggermaw
The Party Escapes back to Sasserine with the cargo....

Game Date: 18th December, 2009

The Party sends their new allies out onto the beach to try and convince the other mercenaries to join them and take The Bounty back to Sasserine. The adventurers move out onto the beach to take the ship, and are attacked. A raging battle ensues, half of the Mercenaries decided to join the party, and are locked in a battle with the other half who stood loyal to their cause.

The party is attacked by invisible assailants, and deciding that they must be on the ship, charge forth. However, They did not count on a two fronted assault, and Brother Thomas is attacked from behind by a crafty Rogue. His mighty armor proves too much however, and only one of her many deadly blows strikes true.

The adventurers regroup on the ships deck, and fight a bloody battle against a powerful warrior, his Dark Sorceress Mistress, their battle cleric and the slippery Rogue. After some time, they are victorious. Thak-Gak uses the Staff of mists to summon a mass of fog, and the adventurers sail The Bounty from Daggermaw Isle back to Sasserine.

Total XP for Session: 3250xp

Newfound Allies
The Adventurers gain the aid of new allies after scouting out their route of escape...

Game Date: 20th November, 2009

While the majority of the party discusses their escape plan and sorts through their spoils, Ckal’ek, Fillius & Thomas scout the way ahead. They encounter two Ogres, searching the cave entrance at the beach for the enemy they know are within. Fillius’ Arts leave them as nothing but ash, and a smoldering crater of glass where they once stood in the sand.

Several Yaunti meet their end to the Trios skills in combat, before the adventurers encounter a group of Dwarven and Gnome Mercenaries, whom they convince to join them with their quick wit and tongues. (and a bit of extra coin).

Total XP for Session: 895xp

Defeat of the Yaun-ti Binders
Assault on Daggermaw

Game Date: 25th September, 2009

The adventurers put their plan into play, and use the gunpowder to collapse the tunnels to the Yaunti Nests. THey then proceed to the main temple where they encounter skilled yaunti guards perched out of reach atop pillars, firing down upon the party. Cleverly, the Strongest of the adventurers begin toppling the pillars, turning the battle in their favor. The Yaunti are quickly defeated.

The battle is not yet won however, as to the south, a massive dais shielded by walls of flame dominates the cavern, The party is assailed by magic, however due to clever preparation, is protected against the most deadly of magics the enemy has at their disposal, elemental fire. The Party is victorious, and claims the Staff of mists, which will greatly aid in their escape.

Total XP for Session: 3234xp


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