XP Breakdown

Overview of the Adventures Origins

Total for Session: 11750xp

Daggermaw Isle Side Adventure

  • 342xp snakes, yaunti sorceress, Large elemental
  • 100xp for door – cave in
  • 100xp for trap disarm and open secret door
  • 771xp for fighter half orc and kyne stormblade. 2×7th level characters
  • 820xp karpa rusk, yaunti water bonded, mercenaries, battle in water chamber

Total for Session: 2133xp

The Darkblade Brothers

  • 90xp hiding bodies and resting in antichamber
  • 150xp Tactics for rentering the dungeon
  • 160xp Fire Ring traps
  • 150xp Putin’s tactics vs sneak attack
  • 1350xp The Darkblade Brothers 2×8th level characters, 4 players
  • 300xp convincing Alton to aid the party

Total for Session: 2200xp

Defeat of the Yaun-ti Binders

  • 338xp for Huge earth elemental
  • 200xp for Maxwell’s Bluff
  • 188xp for 8 Yaunti Guardians with 4 bound elementals
  • 325xp for Yuris Sorm, Sharp eyed Captain of the Yaunti Guardians
  • 150xp bonus, toppling the pillars and destroying the advantage the Yaunti had in the fight
  • 745xp for 4 Yaunti Sorcerers
  • 338xp for Priestess with Bound Fire Elemental
  • 480xp High Priestess with bound huge fire elemental
  • 150xp tactics in defeating the defenses at the dais
  • 800xp Defeating the Yaunti Threat and gaining the means to escape

Total for Session: 3714xp

Newfound Allies

  • 300xp Defeat of Two Ogres
  • 120xp Defeat of 2 Yaunti Warriors
  • 175xp Gaining allies in the form of 5 Gnome Mercenaries
  • 300xp Gaining further allies in the form of Dwarven and Gnome Mercenaries from the caves

Total for Session: 895xp

Escape From Daggermaw

  • 600xp Defeat (both combat and recruiting) of the remaining mercenaries
  • 600xp Tressa Ornas – Lv 8 Sorceress CR8
  • 300xp Amos Nassell – Lv 7 Cleric CR7
  • 600xp Bross Ornas – Lv 8 Fighter CR8
  • 450xp Maybelle Dahrk – Lv 7 Rogue CR7
  • 250xp Completing the adventure
  • 450xp Recovery of all remaining cargo

Total for Session: 3250xp

The Voyage South Begins

  • 150xp Discovery of Conrads ailment and quick actions attempting to save him
  • 700xp Defeat of 2 Blue Sladd (CR9 Encounter)
  • 150xp Bonus for locating Conrad compelled and hidden at the rear of the ship
  • 500xp Defeat and capture of Rowena Kelani and Discovery of her vengeful plot on Akilu.
  • 250xp Defeat of the Flotsum Ooze

Total for Session: 1750xp

Ruins of Tamoachan

  • 150xp Defeat of the First Basilisk CR5
  • 100xp Necromantic trap dissabled
  • 125xp Disabling Fire Trap
  • 80xp Ingenious method of bypassing wall of iron
  • 100xp Tactics used for the blocking of the Abysal Greater Basilisk’s Gaze
  • 850xp Defeat of Abysal Greater Basilisk CR10
  • 100xp “Safely” arriving at the Sargasso, Journeys End
  • 150xp Bonus for excelent team play and completion of a dungeon in a night

Total for Session: 1775xp

Journey’s End

  • 50xp Discovery of the Log of Anhelm the monk
  • 50xp Planning, in true DnD Style
  • 60xp Attention to detail; the Forest of weed
  • 300xp Defeat of the 9 Vine Horrors
  • 60xp Tactics against the Vine Horrors
  • 40xp Attempts to burn the forest of weed
  • 450xp 14 Assassin Vines (CR8 Encounter)
  • 50xp Discovering the means to avoid the assassin vines’ reach
  • 50xp True “Bash in the Door” style play by Putin
  • 1000xp Defeating the Mother of All (CR11 Encounter {after DM Tweaking…})
  • 200xp Destruction of the Mother’s Brood
  • 60xp Sparhawks playing true to the Knight code, and challenging the Foe to protect the others
  • 200xp Destruction of Journey’s End, and the Safe return to the Sea Wyvern

Total for Session: 2570xp

Here there be Monsters

  • 960xp Aquatic Purple Worm on Masher Reef
  • 60xp Outside the Box thinking for repairing the Ship
  • 80xp Salvaging a third of the supplies in the Sea Wyvern’s Hold through quick action and leadership
  • 320xp Escape from the second aquatic Purple Worm, and freeing the Sea Wyvern from Masher Reef
  • 60xp Avoiding certain disaster & Shipwreck through proffesional Sailing (and stupidly lucky dice rolls)
  • 50xp Obtaining the aid of Lithira, the Aranea outcast
  • 100xp 6 Monstrous Centipedes
  • 320xp Mohrg
  • 320xp Black Pudding

Total for Session: 2270xp


  • 500xp Gargoyle attack on the Sea Road
  • 40xp Sparhawk calming Amelia with his Knight abilities
  • 320xp Campsite abduction of two of the NPCs, all PCs surviving, and slaying one Bar-Lgura
  • 180xp Encounter with Bestial Sparhawk, and cleaver use of abilities avoiding combat
  • 60xp Solving the Mirror Puzzle in the shrine, and gaining access to the inner shrine
  • 580xp Fight in the Bar-Lgura Lair, 2 defeated and One fled (4 players)
  • 50xp Tactics – Scouting out the pit area, and determining the enemy in the area above
  • 900xp Defeating Ilzytik the Spirit Naga, EL9 (4 players)

Total for Session: 2630xp

Escape from Fogmire

  • 280xp Mob of Fiendish Baboons
  • 120xp Overcoming the Chest traps
  • 400xp Defeating Olangru, the Bar-Lgura
  • 300xp Defeating Olangru’s remaining Harem
  • 160xp Saving Amelia – Unharmed
  • 110xp Saving Urol – Mostly Unharmed
  • 580xp Defeat of the Lemorian Golem
  • 450xp Freeing Fogmire from the taint of Demogorgon

Total for Session: 2400xp

Arrival at Farshore

  • 680xp Defeat of the Kopru Druid & its Minions
  • 40xp Clever use of ‘Commune’, gaining further knowledge
  • 120xp Arrival at Farshore with the Sea Wyvern repaired
  • 75xp Fillius Rescued Hilde Swenten the Farmer from a burning building
  • 75xp Revival of Hevrik Aldwattle the town Wizard, a gaining his assistance in the battle
  • 75xp Having Hevrik slay Anvil the Half Orc, rescuing Ruby the Weaver
  • 125xp Putin slaying 6 pirates, & rescuing the townsfolk inside the church
  • 40xp Bonus; Putin’s outside the box use of a greatsword
  • 180xp Thak-Gak singlehandedly slaying Slipknot Pete, the Pirate leader
  • 40xp Bonus; Tactics, ‘cutting off the head’ approach to the invaders, slaying their leader
  • 100xp Brother Thomas saving the Hall of Records with good use of ‘Create Water’
  • 200xp Slaying the majority of the Rats End Pirates, and capturing their ship, the Hellfish
  • 60xp Bonus; Successfully splitting the party and achieving all goals in Farshore

Total for Session: 1810xp

Shrine of Zotzilaha

  • 40xp Liasons within Farshore – Swaying Lavinia in Tactics to defend Farshore
  • 40xp Bonus – Uncovering political struggle between Manthalay & Lavinia
  • 320xp Fiery Wrath: Defeat of the the Firebats and Dark Fire Elementals
  • 40xp Gaining the trust of the Olman Chieftan J’Kal
  • 40xp Bonus – Interaction with the Olman villagers, gaining their trust
  • 1500xp Returning the Zotzilaha Idol, and Overcoming the Shines Defenses, including an Aspect
  • 150xp Gaining the aid of the Olman tribes in the defense of Farshore

Total for Session: 2130xp

A Trip to the Tar Pits

  • XXxp Body of Text

Total for Session: XXXXxp

TOTAL XP: 41277

TOTAL XP for Level Adjusted Players: 39277

XP Breakdown

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