The Savage Tide

Arrival at Farshore

The Heroes finally arrive at Farshore...

Game Date: 4th June, 2010

Having discovered the Sea Wyvern damaged and aground 200ft offshore on a rock reef, the party is debating what coarse of action to take, when something attempts to compel Fillius to destroy his companions! He overcomes the compulsion however, and when movement is spotted at the sea wyvern, Akilu boldly charges forth. He is confronted in the water however by two Aquatic Hydras! Fighting a fierce battle with them, He calls on the party for aid. Those capable move to assist him, and again Fillius feels a compulsion to destroy his companions, which again his will is capable of overcoming.

Akilu and Sparhawk make short work of the Hydras, however within the ship a new enemy is spotted. Sparhawk charges to confront their new foe, and is dealt a critical blow, felling him. Akilu, and Putin confront the New foe, now revealed as a Kopru Druid. Thak-Gak Confronts a summoned Elasmosaurus, and fells the beast, with assistance from Fillius’ Magic Missiles. Fillius and Thomas make their way towards the ship, when Brother Thomas is struck by several powerful bolts of Lightning from the heavens! This effect continues to strike him true, despite Thomas’ efforts to move out of any field of effect. After a difficult battle, The Kopru Druid Skephilipika is defeated.

It is discovered, after exploring the ship and assessing the damage, that the druid had been using the vessel as a lair, and had been crafting a magical item in the submerged part of the ships hold – a Periapt of Wisdom +4. After some careful inspection and discussion amongst the magic wielders of the party, it is determined that there is a slim chance that with the correct combination of magical skills, that the incomplete magic item can be completed. While the other members of the party work on repairing the ship, with Urol’s assistance (using the retrieved silent metamagic rod to cast spells, as he can still not speak after his abduction in Fogmire), the parties casters work together, and manage to complete the creation of the magical item.

After Almost a week of repair work, the party sets the Sea Wyvern back onto its journey to Farshore. It takes 5 days sailing to reach Farshore, time in which the party cleverly utilises the commune spell to gain some valuable knowledge about their situation and the task ahead. Coming into sunset of the final day of their journey to Farshore, it becomes apparent that all is not well for the small colony they have been journeying so long to reach. Black plumes of thick smoke trail up from the small isle of Temute Where the Colony is located. Through a spyglass, the party spies a ship in Farshore’s Harbour that does not belong; a rugged looking caravel with red sails and a crimson jolly roger flying from its main mast – the pirates of the Crimson Fleet have come to Farshore, and their attack is well underway!

Sailing at full sail into the Harbour, the Heroes quickly assess the situation, and determine that to assist in the best possible way, they will have to split up and go after differing goals. As the Ship pulls up at the dock and is quickly Moored, The party members each take off after a different objective. Fillius rushes to the aid of a womans voice from within a burning building near the dock. Breaking in the back door of the Storage Building, Fillius feels his way through the smoke filled room and finds the unconcious form of Hilde Swenten, a Farmer. Dragging her outside, she is revived and after the initial shock of Filllius’ appearance wears off, she thanks him for saving her life.

Hevrik Aldwattle, a human wizard, is found on the sands of the beach bleeding out, and is revived. He agrees to aid the party, and none too soon either, with his talents required to down a brutish Halforc called Anvil, who was about to slay another of the female villages. With a well placed Magic Missile, the Halforc was slain, preventing him from running Ruby the Weaver through with his cutlass.

Putin, having made his way to the colony’s church where a large group of pirates was breaking down the doors to slaughter the colonists within, jumped amongst the pirates and cut them down in a mighty cleave of his greatsword. One pirate outside his reach brandished his weapon menacingly, so Putin took the risk of disarming himself and hurled his greatsword at the pirate, impaling him and pinning him against the wall of the wooden church.

Thak-gak, having taken to the rooftops to gain a vantage point on his enemies, made his way to where he had spied what appeared to be the pirates leader. Using his powerful Leap attack, he dropped down on the enemy, striking him dead with a powerful blow. Seeing their leader felled so effortlessly by a far superior enemy, the remaining pirates routed.

Brother Thomas, having made his way to the Hall of Records, used his divine ability to create water to assist the colonists put out the fire. After several attempts, the fire was brought under control, saving the hall of records.

The party, in the midst of chasing the Pirates out of Farshore, are reunited with Lavinia Vanderboren, who is overwealmed to see them. She and the Jade Ravens (four adventurers also in her employ) had just finished dispatching a group of pirates, and together the Heroes and she drove the remaining pirates to the docks. Here, once they had boarded their boat, they were slain almost to a man with one well placed fireball.

Total XP for Session: 1810 xp



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