The Savage Tide

An Overview of the Adventures Origins

The Campaign's Early Adventures in Summary.

Game Date: Various.

The Adventurers found themselves in the employ of Lavinia Vanderboren, a noble lady of the city of Sasserine. The quest bestowed on them was to help her gain access to her recently departed parents ship, the Blue Nixie, which had been hijacked by smugglers. Onboard should be information that will help Lavinia gain access to her Family Vault under Castle Teraknian in the Sasserine harbor. The Party regained control of the ship, and slew the smugglers onboard, including their leader Soler Vark. Searching the ship, the party found a ring with a scrap of rolled up parchment with a strange list of information on it.

This note assisted the party in gaining access to the riches hidden in the Vanderboren Vault. After completing their first quest for Lavinia with ease, The Party’s patron lady reveals to them the main need she has for them; to locate her brother Vanthus Vanderboren.

Lavinia requests that the party determine the whereabouts of her brother, Vanthus, who had been missing for several weeks. Lavinia suspected that he had fallen in with a bad crowd. After following several leads the party determines that he has become mixed up with a powerful Thieves guild in the city, The Lotus Dragons. After fighting their way through zombie infested smugler caves, and fighting a spell-slinging taxidermist Nemien Roblach, The party finds themselves in the Lotus Dragons underground complex. Here they fight their way through man and creature, to confront the leader of the guild, Rowyn Kellani, and her crested felldrake companion, Gut Tugger.

after slaying Gut Tugger, and capturing Rowyn Kellani, the party found several letters from Vanthus to Rowyn, one detailing a smuggling operation using Kraken’s Cove as a base of operation, and that he intended to swindle them. They also found evidence that Vanthus was responsible for the death of his and Lavinia’s parents.

Following their lead found in the letters, the party departs Sasserine for the local of Kraken’s Cove. not far out from their destination, they witness from afar the release of a massive force of Abysal energy, its epicenter being their destination, Kraken’s Cove. upon arrival, a scene of chaos meets them, animals, and people alike have been transformed by the energies into savage creatures of horror.

After making their way down a cliff to the beach of Kraken’s Cove, the Heroes are attacked by monstrous beasts, transformed by the abysal energies of the Savage Tide. The Half-orc Grimm falls victim to the crushing jaws of several Savage Megaraptors. Bleeding out, the party manages to drag his limp form to safety, before the twisted beasts can tear him apart and devour him. He is gravely wounded, and with no skills in healing possessed by any of the other Heroes, It appeared to them that Grimm had passed on to the next realm. Solemnly, the Heroes departed, and pushed onwards into the caves, slaying the abysal beasts that stood in their way. Within the Caves a new ally is found, in the form of a Tiefling Sorceress. She had resisted and survived the savage transformations, and joins them in their cause.

The Adventurers come across Captain Harliss Javell, and assist her in dispatching a large group of savage pirates.

The Party soon learns that Vanthus has escaped, after trying to steal from the smugglers. Caught in the act of trying to steal the smugglers latest prize, a shadow pearl, in the ensuing chaos Vanthus managed to accidentally activate the pearl’s magic, releasing a Savage Tide. Nearly all life for several miles in all direction was transformed into horrible, agressive, deformed creatures. They also learn that Harliss, wishing to exact revenge on Vanthus for his actions, has sent her crew to Sasserine to capture and kill any in the Vanderboren manor, under the mistaken assumption that Vanthus still lived there and held close ties with his family.

 The Adventurers make haste, and return to Sasserine to rescue their patron Lady. In the streets of the city they are ambushed by assassins, agents of powers whos plans they have recently foiled. These are quickly subdued however, and the Party returned to the manor, overcame the invaders (pirates and a allied tribe of Bulliwugs) and rescued Lavinia.

After a days rest, many of the party decide to go their seperate ways. As fate would have it, Lavinia finds herself presented with a new group of adventurers to aid her.

Total XP for Session: 11750xp



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